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130 Spring St.

Dexter, ME 04930


It's no surprise that our community is in a little bit of an uproar right now with the arrival of the Coronavirus. Schools have shut down, events and gatherings have been canceled and churches across the nation aren't meeting together, in hopes of avoiding the spread of the virus. 

But here's the thing - God is not surprised by any of this! And He still has work to do in Dexter, Maine. In fact, at New Hope Baptist, we're praying and looking for ways He would have us serve the people of our community during a time when many of them are feeling fearful and isolated. 

The problem? If our own budget is squeezed because people are staying home and not giving, we won't be able to minister to these needs.

Here is one simple thing you can do to help - sign up for recurring online giving

Recurring giving is easy to set up and can be done through our online system, Easy Tithe! This way, even when we must cancel services, we're still financially able to minister to our community. 

When you take this step, you're telling our finance team that it's ok for them to release funds to spend in crisis situations like the Coronavirus outbreak, because they know that it won't leave the church totally depleted. 

So, would you prayerfully consider signing up for recurring online giving today? 


New Hope Baptist Church

Or mail a check to New Hope Baptist Church 130 Spring St. Dexter, Maine 04930

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