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Snowman Challenge 2022 Header.png

winter fun for all ages!

New Hope is hosting a community Snowman Challenge for local youth of all ages - toddlers to teens! Here's the scoop: watch the weather report for snow and anytime between now and the end of February school vacation, build a snowman and enter the challenge. That's it!


So, grab a friend or mom and dad, get out in the fresh winter air and build the best snowman you can think up! 

 Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a gift from us! 

Register below if you plan to join the challenge! Once your snowman is built we ask that you email a picture to us with the link at the bottom of this page. 

If you are willing to let us take a picture of you by your finished snowman for promotional purposes - your name will be entered into an awesome prize drawing! 

Join the Challenge!

A gift for every entrant!

Can we cme get a picture of you wih finishd snowman for promoton purposes?

Thanks for joining Snowman Challenge 2022!

If you are unable to email a photo to us, please contact us at 207-924-7419 and leave a message. We will set up a time to come take a picture. 


Every single kid that enters will receive a gift from New Hope Baptist Church. Once the challenge is over, we will also award prizes for each age category based on community voting online!

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